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Remote Computer Assistance - How Does It Work?

Many IT Issues do not require a visit from our engineer or the associated wait. Using our remote access software, we can connect to your computer, view your screen and share control of the mouse. This gives you the opportunity to show us the problem as you experience it so that we can show you the solution. We use industry standard software that allows us one-time access to your computer whilst keeping you in control of what we can do and see.

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Windows Remote Support
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Mac Teamviewer v15

Mac Remote Support

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Microsoft Server

Providing the basis for a reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure for millions of businesses around the world.

Microsoft Server Features and Benefits


A central backup for all your important data for offsite storage.


Protect your files from unauthorised access.

File Services

Secure storage to share files amongst employees.

Print Services

Shared printers throughout your organisation.

Remote Access Server (VPN)

Employees can work from anywhere.

Remote Desktop Services

Local hosted applications provided to multiple users across your business.

User Management

Access control to all your information.


Run multiple virtual servers reducing cost.

Reliable and Cost Effective

Microsoft Server provides the basis for a reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure for millions of businesses around the world. Now with the release of Windows Server 2022, technologies traditionally implemented by large enterprises can benefit businesses of all sizes.


We appreciate the investment in a server infrastructure can be significant, but over the medium term this will be realised many times over through the added benefits to your business.

mtechnical perform server implementations and upgrades every month with immediate positive results. We can minimise the impact of any server changes through thorough planning and a well practiced process we have developed.

Microsoft Server Support

mtechnical has over a decade of experience supporting the many versions and flavours of Microsoft Server on many different types of hardware, in physical and virtual environments.

We proactively monitor all servers under our management to ensure they are working correctly and are maintained to protect this important business asset.

If you need any advice on the status of your current server infrastructure or require advice on whether your business could benefit from one, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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