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Remote Computer Assistance - How Does It Work?

Many IT Issues do not require a visit from our engineer or the associated wait. Using our remote access software, we can connect to your computer, view your screen and share control of the mouse. This gives you the opportunity to show us the problem as you experience it so that we can show you the solution. We use industry standard software that allows us one-time access to your computer whilst keeping you in control of what we can do and see.

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Phone: 01789 293 262
Windows Remote Support
Mac Remote Support

Mac Teamviewer v15

Mac Remote Support

Mac Teamviewer v14

Ad hoc IT Support

Benefit from experts on hand without employing full-time IT support.

Additional IT Resource

If you already have in-house IT support, mtechnical can provide holiday or sickness cover, project work support or auditing.

Startup IT in a box

Starting a business or moving to an office? mtechnical provides a complete package of IT equipment, software, internet, printing, email and website – all designed to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Network Support

If you business is growing it might be time to consider a larger network, a central server or even an office move – mtechnical can help.

Server Installation, Configuration and Support

Any business with just a few employees can often benefit from a server. Though it may sound complicated and expensive, it doesn’t have to be. With very little work on your part, mtechnical can soon get you up and running.

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White Label IT Support

mtechnical provides white label services for several other IT Support companies across the Midlands.  If your company requires additional resources to support customers, provide a helpdesk or short-term project management, get in touch.  We provide a risk-free, confidential service to help you grow your business.

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