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Remote Computer Assistance - How Does It Work?

Many IT Issues do not require a visit from our engineer or the associated wait. Using our remote access software, we can connect to your computer, view your screen and share control of the mouse. This gives you the opportunity to show us the problem as you experience it so that we can show you the solution. We use industry standard software that allows us one-time access to your computer whilst keeping you in control of what we can do and see.

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Office 365

Office 365 provided by Microsoft to deliver business class cloud services and products to your organisation.

Office 365 Benefits

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based suite of services including Microsoft Office and Exchange Online business email. This extends enterprise level features & security to large and small businesses alike for a small monthly fee.

Business-class Email

Business-class email with 50GB storage per user, free shared mailboxes, email anti-virus and anti-spam with continuous backup.

Access Anywhere

Access from Anywhere on any device such as PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Store, sync and share files that are securely backed up to the cloud.


Simultaneously collaborate with multiple users in real time without compromising security. Work better together with online meetings and conferencing.

Why mtechnical?

We will make sure you get the most out of Office 365.


mtechnical are Microsoft cloud partners offering a complete project management service. We plan your Office 365 tailored solution from start to finish.


Whatever your current email & file storage solution, mtechnical will ensure a seamless and trouble free migration whatever the size of your organisation.

Ongoing help

mtechnical have migrated and offer ongoing support to over 100 businesses who now utilise Office 365 services as their main business system.

Office 365 Hosted Email

Microsoft Exchange is the world’s most popular corporate email server product.
Microsoft now offer the Exchange email server as a hosted service for a small fee per user per month.
mtechnical is a Microsoft cloud partner enabling us to migrate, implement and support Office 365 for our customers.

Outlook support

Connect supported copies of Outlook and get access to email, contacts and calendars with fully featured offline support.

Large mailboxes

Each user receives 50GB of email storage and can send messages up to 25MB in size.

Secure and protected

Defend against malware and spam with built in filters that are frequently updated to address new threats.

Custom domain

Ability to use your own custom domain as your email address:

Web-based access

Access email through any modern web browser using the Outlook Web App, which provides a premium browser-based experience that matches the look and feel of Outlook.

Online document storage and file sharing

1TB of space in the cloud to store, backup and easily share files. Files are accessible from almost any device, also synchronized offline and available without an internet connection.

Shared calendar and contacts

Users can compare calendars to schedule meetings and share contacts, groups, access a company-wide global address list, external contacts, tasks and conference rooms.

Mobile access

Available from all phones and tablets that can receive email, including Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Office 365 Full Suite

A range of plans are available with options to also subscribe to Microsoft Office with the benefit of multiple installations per user and tablet support.
As a subscription, you always have access to the latest version of Office 365 as it becomes available.

For a small business who cannot warrant the expense of a server, or a bigger company who wants to migrate to the latest Exchange solution without the high upgrade costs and initial outlay – Office 365 is for you.

Many plans come with a free trial which we can arrange for you.

Office 365 Matrix

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

To find out more about how Microsoft Office 365 Backup can benefit your business please click the link below.

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