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Remote Computer Assistance - How Does It Work?

Many IT Issues do not require a visit from our engineer or the associated wait. Using our remote access software, we can connect to your computer, view your screen and share control of the mouse. This gives you the opportunity to show us the problem as you experience it so that we can show you the solution. We use industry standard software that allows us one-time access to your computer whilst keeping you in control of what we can do and see.

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Cloud Backup

mtechnical provide off-site backup solutions to local businesses.


A cost effective way to backup your data.  Only pay for the amount of data you backup.


Your information is stored securely online in enterprise class data centres with restricted access.


Backups are run to a regular schedule so you don’t have to worry about it.  Monitoring of your backups is included.

Hybrid Solutions

Depending on the size of your business, connectivity, the value of your data and many other considerations, your backup solution will be designed to give you the best protection.  A hybrid solution of onsite backups, cloud backups, local snapshots or long term archival will help you achieve your goals. 

For further information on data protection click here:

Cloud Backup
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